10 ways to know you were a teenage Emo kid

– You were not okay. You were not o-fuckingkay

– You would rather die than live be referred to as an ’emo.’ No labels thanks, you’re not a soup can.

– Your MySpace profile song always reflected your emotional state and you weren’t afraid to passive aggressively let them know it.

– Most of your selfies (as they were yet to be known) were taken with the camera held high above your head to slim your face and accentuate the sadness in your panda eyes. Location: strictly bathroom or bedroom.

– PC4PC was a way of life because you were too alt. to socialise with actual sentences.

– At least one of your friends was madly in love with Patrick Stump but you just didn’t get it. 

– ‘I’m just a notch in your bed-post but you’re just a line in a song
was the ‘personal message’ of your MSN profile at least once.

– Your turbulent love life engendered long nights of filtering through the ‘heartbroken’ quote icons uploaded to Photobucket.

– You skulked around in Converse or Vans at all times. Some of you even wore your black converse to school and for that you had my respect.

– Your straightened fringe impaired your eyesight so you had to habitually sweep it to the side rather than cutting it short. Hardcore.

Remember these? </3
ReMeMbEr ThEsE? </3

Also, Patrick Stump? The years have been kind.


Author: Madie_H

Article themes: feminism, music, self-improvement, Buffy, astrology, humour and critical analysis. I'm also partial to making lists and giving advice so look out for many How-to life hacks too! Love Madie. https://popculturepartywarrior.wordpress.com/

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