How To Attract Someone Based On Their Zodiac Sign, Part 2: Scorpio – Pisces.


Scorpio.jpgAs a wise and noble man once said, “Oh oh oh oh oh, mysterious girl, I want to get close to you.” – This is the mating call of the Scorpio. While game-playing is a HUGE no-no, acting slightly nonchalant will intrigue them because they are natural investigators. While you’re busy socialising with friends, their piercing gaze will be sizing you up from the corner of the room. If you’re a stickler for small talk, you’d better start opening up about all things taboo – pain, sex, politics etc. Someone who displays emotional strength appeals to the sensitive Scorpio as they would like their intensity to be soothed by a reliable partner. Despite outward appearances, they are hopeless romantics who are determined to preserve love for all eternity. And they love a good shag.

Above all, have depth.


SagittariusLook good. Shallow but true, physical admiration is a key ingredient in this ‘love me’ recipe. All the usual social beauty standards apply because you won’t be the only one this sign has their eyes on! That said, they’re savvy communicators who will just wander off in a daydream if you bore them with a narrow perspective. If you aren’t afraid to get philosophical when you don’t have a vodka in your hand, you’ll be entertaining enough for these wacky individuals. A sense of humour is a must because they tell jokes a lot and sometimes misjudge how appropriate they are – a non-negotiable part of their personality. Dramatics turn them off because they really don’t want to know about your problems (in fairness, they usually have enough of their own).

Above all, be carefree.


CapricornAre you a respected member of the community with a social conscience and a steady career? Naturally introverted and shy, you’ll have to prize them out of their protective shell gradually. The best way to do this is not with words but by showing them the receipts of your moral decisions. Rather than becoming obsessed with their hidden depths, engage them with the deep and meaningful chats you have when you first befriend somebody. Their ambition knows no bounds so they want to be partnered with the best of the best. If they can trust and respect you, not only are you a part of a select group but you are also on your way to becoming cared for by one of the most trustworthy and reliable people around. 

Above all, be accomplished.


Aquarius.jpgIf you want to learn 100 things you never needed to know about clean living, conspiracy theories, and why all other people are rubbish, you’ve found the right sign. Nothing inspires the Aquarian like the unconventional so make sure you let your freak flag fly and be your unique self. If you get a weird impulse then follow through with it, it’s sure to impress them! Intellectual conversation that lasts for hours is the biggest turn-on for these social scientists.

Above all, get weird.


Pisces.jpgJon Bon Jovi is a Pisces. That gives you a clue as to how much these folks romanticise love (and everything else, actually) so I hope you’re not looking to hit it and quit it with these guys. If you have a spiritual side, let it show from time to time. Arty and imaginative types attract these daydreamers because they’re feelers more than they are thinkers. Opening up to them is not only easy due to their empathetic conversational skills, it’s recommended as a surefire way to have them hooked. Unless they’re evolved beings, they also treat people as projects who need to be fixed or changed so if you’re worried about your emotional baggage, rest assured that it matters not. 

Above all, brood in front of them.


Author: Madie_H

Article themes: feminism, music, self-improvement, Buffy, astrology, humour and critical analysis. I'm also partial to making lists and giving advice so look out for many How-to life hacks too! Love Madie.

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