Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Character star signs. PART 2

Spike: Leo

Before becoming the notorious slayer of Slayers, Spike’s mortal friends knew him as William the bloody; a lousy Romantic poet. His words were profound and his manner was reserved, as he valued looking after his mother more than any hedonistic pursuits. Like a Leo, he never gives up on love, especially if it’s all-consuming and torturous: Druisilla taunts him relentlessly but he follows her across the centuries, while Buffy eventually steals his heart just by being the fiery badass he secretly desires. Spike’s egocentricity and flair for a dramatic story lead him to the unbeatable slayer as he knows she will never love him back. There’s an endearing sense of openness about a Leo that engenders forgiveness for their wrongdoings, and as an audience we’re tempted to root for him.

Leo’s express their individuality through their
 well-groomed hair and Spike’s peroxide ‘do trumps any other Vampire on the show. Underneath the badboy leather jacket lies a big heart.

Xander: Cancer

Xander harris is often taunted for his lack of special ability in the Scooby gang, but it would be fair to say he’s there to boost morale. When times get rough, he is there to provide comic relief in the form of puns and specialist geeky knowledge. He’s the emotional glue of the group and his cute demeanour makes him the apple of Willow, Cordelia and Anya’s eye at various points. His sensitivity means he’s not the most masculine figure among Sunnydale folk and is at first self-conscious but eventually realises kindness and interpersonal skills are worth more than being popular ever will be. When Cordelia teases him about his inefficiency, we’re taken on a journey where Xander is the accidental hero but doesn’t need the recognition others crave. It’s often said that Cancerians are particularly connected to the home and family, so it’s no surprise that his dysfunctional family instill the perpetual anxiety stirring inside of him.

Due to their loving nature, Cancerians excel in relationships. He’s also got the large, round eyes prominent in the moon-ruled Cancerian, matched with the comfort over style motto that lets their personality shine instead of a false projection.


Cordelia. On first appearances, Cordelia seems like a leo. If you delve beyond the luscious mane and the fact Charisma Carpenter herself is a leo however, you can see the duality of the Gemini perfectly embodies ‘Queen C’. Cordelia starts life at Sunnydale High as the catty popular girl, but when she learns to stay true to herself she slowly hangs around with the Scooby gang with less shame. Of course, she doesn’t have a choice once her popularity is forsaken but a Gemini looks after number one. Her clumsy backhanded compliments are delivered from the mouthpiece of somebody who lives inside their head and frankly doesn’t care. Cordelia is competitive and duplicitous with people because she’s smart enough to understand how people work, like a Gemini. On first appearances, she is shallow due to her fondness for shopping and designer clothes, but this only proves she wants to enjoy life. 

A gemini knows how to live in the moment and this is why Cordelia’s reaction to hearing of an apocalypse is to appreciate the fact she doesn’t have to do homework. It’s her time to have fun and she’s going to do it.

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How to shop for Christmas presents on a budget, last-minute!

Today I hurriedly hunted for gifts on the busiest shopping day of the year (UK-wise, the Saturday before Xmas) before meticulously wrapping each purchase to feign advanced preparation.

Last minute shopper like me? Keep reading…


1. Shop alone: I’m an Aries. I walk fast, talk fast and do everything with purpose; shopping included. While others see shopping as a social activity, I see it as a necessity so will only attend with friends upon the promise of free lunch. More importantly, if I need to buy specific items (eg: presents) I make like Jason Derulo and fly solo. It’s not as much fun but your chances of focusing on your objective are higher when your alternative is facing a fruitlessly empty-handed walk home. Alone.

 2. Preparation is key: Buying presents for people is hard; it requires thought and carries expectation. That’s why I advise you to think of the category you’re seeking to purchase from (beauty, home decorations etc) and a £10/£20 price limit. Most people have materialistic preferences, i.e I’m a sucker for merchandising, while my sister prefers practical gifts. Analyse this area before you set off and where you’re likely to find certain items.

3. Don’t rely on impulse buys: It may be tempting to think “I’ll decide once I’m there” but I’m here to administer some tough love. A) that won’t happen and B) you’ll probably regret whatever you buy. Why? Because you haven’t had time to convince yourself it’s the ‘right gift’ and besides, you’re more likely to buy what you want and not what they want. This is a common predicament that most of us have experienced first-hand. In-store, we’re bombarded with different choices for the same product in terms of colour, design, style etc. so you have to deliberately steer away from your personal preference in favour of what’s most suited to the person you’re buying for.

4. Plan your shop route before heading out: Try to stick to a particular shopping centre if possible, especially given the fact you’ll be in a hurry to get it over with! Integrally: go in, source the items, pay for them and only then can you browse for pleasure.

5. Treat yo’ self: I have heard the refrain “I really like it but I’m not here to buy for me!” on too many occasions. If you’ve stayed within your budget and aren’t below the poverty line, you can afford to buy some gifts for yourself. You’ll have to part with your hard-earned cash eventually so throw some materialism into the self-loving mix. After all, it’s Christmas.