I’ve just finished bouncing around my bedroom with flailing arms and open-mouthed expressions in mimicry of Brendon Urie’s enormous mouth. My reason for doing this? Panic! At The Disco have released an official video for their inexplicably happy current release, Hallelujah. Many, many songs are called Hallelujah but this one is 184 seconds of unbridled ecstasy.

Panic! At The Disco – Hallelujah

Until now, those of us who rediscovered pop-punk music with a new perspective (pun intended) had to contend with an emoji-based lyric video that probably made obsequious marketing execs at the record label rub their palms with repulsive glee. While the new, maze themed video reminds me of Monument Valley; an iPhone game, and falls short of intensifying the euphoric melody, it does satisfy my need to watch Brendon Urie dance in two different outfits: a smart-burgundy suit and a James Dean style leather jacket. I search high and low for happy songs and develop obsessions when I actually find them.

Panic! At The Disco have made catchy albums in recent years, with a more mature and refined sound emerging every time they hit the studio. Hopefully this upbeat anthem uses the rhythmic clapping in the final chorus to spare us of the disingenuous dirges thrust upon us by big label bosses and sad men with guitars. ‘Stand up, sing Hallelujah!’